What It Means To Waste Energy

waste-is-wasteWe’ve all been guilty of it. At some point or another, we have wasted electricity. Whether it was by leaving lights or appliances on or using them in an inefficient way, we have been guilty of electrical waste. Now, the first thing you may think is that it isn’t all that big a deal. After all, you did pay for it. It’s not like you’re stealing or anything.

No, you’re not stealing. But you are contributing to a worsening environmental situation. It’s true. I’m not trying to sound alarming unnecessarily, but we are staring at a very near-future environmental crisis. And we have no one to blame for it but ourselves. What matters now is that we do something effective about it before it becomes a real problem for not only ourselves but mostly for the future generations of this planet.

Now, if that all sounds a little too dramatic, please understand that it’s not hyperbole in the slightest. I will explain, however, so that it makes more sense, and doesn’t just look like some kind of scare tactic.

electricity-waste-buildingsIt all begins with how electricity is generated. Through conventional methods, heat is applied to water so that it boils. That resulting steam is used (once pressurized) to turn electrical turbines. This is where the electricity is generated. The problem isn’t with any of that. The problem is with the source of the heat itself. The heat usually comes from burning something. And in the case of many power plants, that something is fossil fuel. Fuels like coal and oil. These substances, when burned, give off lots of harmful byproducts. Gases like carbon dioxide will escape and enter into the atmosphere. This buildup of CO2 is changing the chemical composition of the atmosphere and it what is responsible for global climate change. So this is the problem with modern power generation.

There are cleaner methods. Nuclear power is one of them and so is solar, hydroelectric and wind. While these methods are out there in practice, unfortunately, they are not the majority.

This means that every little bit of electricity produced from such plants comes at a price to the environment.

electricity-wasteThis is why electrical waste is such a bad thing. Every time you use electricity unnecessarily, you are adding demand to the power grid. While your own personal waste may not be all that much, take the waste from everyone and you’ll see that a good portion of the electricity being produced doesn’t go to powering anything. That means that power plants must work harder (read: burn more fossil fuel) in order to keep up with the demand. So there is more pollution being created and the situation is worsened. So you see, conserving electricity is of the utmost importance.

There are ways that this situation can be remedied. One could simply make a few changes to the way in which they use power so that they are more efficient. One can also employ the use of various power saving devices which will help them to use less power and thus take some demand off of the power grid. These remedies are actually not all that hard to get into action and there is no reason to not get them into use.

One can go and read up on some electricity saving techniques and get them into use. There are dozens of different ways to get it done. One can also get some special devices installed in their home to help with this endeavor. A power saver is one of such devices, and can actually help to reduce electrical usage by over 15% in a residential home (if you don’t believe it, check out some power saver ratings by customers and then come back). There’s a whole slew of options out there. All you need to do is learn about them and get them into action.

green-energyLook, it’s true that conserving electricity isn’t the total solution. Obviously, we need to stop relying on the burning of fossil fuels altogether and switch globally to a cleaner and more sustainable method of producing power. But those days are still out ways, and we need to do whatever possible to curb the destruction that is currently occurring. That’s why energy conservation is an important activity. We literally need to buy time until clean energy production systems are the majority and then we can focus on cleaning up the messes already made. So please, really take a hard look at the subject and do your part to ensure that the world in which we live will be able to sustain life for many centuries to come.